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bitsCrunch partnership with Mastercard

bitsCrunch partnership with Mastercard

bitsCrunch is thrilled to partner with MasterCard. This will be incubated through their Master Start Path, an award-winning global startup engagement program.

bitsCrunch is thrilled to announce our partnership with MasterCard. We will be incubated through their Master Start Path, an award-winning global startup engagement program. The tailored expertise from MasterCard to help ingenious later-stage startups grow and reach a global customer base. bitsCrunch and MasterCard Start Path will provide customers with cutting-edge collaboration solutions through this partnership.

Mastercard is entering the crypto space to facilitate transactions where non-crypto users may purchase digital assets with fiat currencies (credit and debit cards). bitsCrunch can assist even non-crypto users in securing their digital assets through this partnership. Our products (Unleash NFTs, Scour, Liquify, Crunch DaVinci) help to provide matchless, secure, and credible solutions to meet the needs of MasterCard customers around the world to make informed buying / selling decisions on the NFT assets.

With tech-savvy tools, an incredible team, and industry expertise, bitsCrunch ensures consistent quality and safety across the digital assets startups. Collaborating with MasterCard Start Path helps us deliver the best-in-class solutions to emerging crypto industry customers and transforming business landscapes. Also, we are glad that bitsCrunch will be incorporated into the MasterCard Start Path program shortly.

Vijay Pravin Maharajan, commented “With MasterCard, startups around the globe can develop platforms across open banking, predictive financial modeling for small businesses, smart rental payments, and more. The partnership with bitsCrunch allows companies to access MasterCard’s global ecosystem and reach new audiences through MasterCard customers. The collaboration will provide safe and secure transactions, which will enhance the brand’s credibility”.

About MasterCard Start Path

MasterCard Start Path – Mastercard Start Path is an award-winning program designed to help later-stage startups scale quickly thanks to unparalleled access to Mastercard’s technology, solutions expertise, and global network of partners. MasterCard’s global ecosystem helps companies to break into new markets and expand.

About bitsCrunch

bitsCrunch – The Guardians of the NFT ecosystem. With efficient tools like Scour, Crunch DaVinci, and Liquify, buyers and sellers can identify digital wash trading, asset forgery, and the true value of assets. We are dedicated to providing and expanding the ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts in a secure and authentic process.

With bitsCrunch’s securing service, artists, and NFT assets are safe. Furthermore, you can integrate these tools into any NFT marketplace. Not just that, bitsCrunch helps you keep up with NFT trends and updates through UnleashNFTs.

For more, read Mastercard’s official announcement here.

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April 06, 2022, 09:11 GMT


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